Key Axe Throwing Terms for Every Lumberjack

Like any other sport, axe throwing has a list of terminology to uniquely describe common equipment, phrases and competition terminology. Want to sound like a pro? Get your flash cards ready - here’s the list of axe-throwing terms the Blade & Timber team thinks you should know:


Axe – The device used to throw- technically called a hatchet.

Bullseye – When the axe strikes the middle red circle target. One of the best shots possible!

Coach – Any person that has completed the axe throwing certification process, usually a staff member.

Drop – When the axe fails to stick in the target and falls to the ground, resulting in no points scored.

Fencing – The metal guards between lanes to protect throwers standing next to one another and to mark the separation.

Handle – The base of the axe where a thrower grips.

Head – The blade of the axe.

Kill Shot – A type of shot that a thrower calls prior to throwing. The thrower must strike the with of the two small blue dots located on each top side of the target. A successful kill shot is worth 10 points at the end of a match. 

Lane – The throwing field where axes are thrown. Includes floor, ceiling, side walls, and target.

Match – A traditional game of axe throwing, called a match, is a set of three rounds totaling 15 throws. Check out some of our other fun games! 

Participant – Any person on the premises not actively holding an axe. All participants at Blade & Timber must sign a waiver prior to throwing. 

Perfect Round - When all 5 throws in one round are bullseyes.

Rotation – The natural spin an axe has being thrown. Throwers should have no more than one complete rotation to stick the axe in the target. If a thrower is over or under rotating, the coach may instruct the thrower to position themselves closer or further away from the target to help the axe rotate properly. 

Round – one set of 5 throws where three rounds make up a match.

Sticking an axe – Congratulations, this means you have successfully embedded your axe into the target wood! 

Supernatural Perfect Round – When the first 4 throws of a round are each a bullseye and the 5th throw is a kill shot, totaling 27 points. 

Supernatural Perfect Match – The total score of a match equals 81 points., represented by 3 super-perfect rounds. The highest score possible in a standard season match.

Target – Targets consist of one layer of 1-¾” thick boards, complete with a horizontal header and footer marked with four different point areas.

The Red Line – Represents the separation of the lane and the viewing area. Only one active thrower should cross this line into the lane. 

Thrower – Any person currently holding an axe, with or without the intent to throw. Have questions beofre you throw? Our coaches will walk all throwers through a demonstration. You can also view our FAQ before your visit! 

Trick shot – A throw that is different from the standard one or two hand overhead throw. Trick shots must be taught per coaches recommendation. The trick shots taught at Blade & Timber are the double axe and an underhand.

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